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White Star Line


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Model T Black

On the road north

Presently we are still 150 miles out from the convention. Traffic is pleasantly light but we have been inundated by rain the whole way up. This is partially due to us being on the 101 instead of on the 5 due to snow on the pass. Anyway, doing this post from my blackberry just because.

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vulpesrex January 24th, 2008
Ken Pick preceded you, arriving here at 2:15; he described the route as clear, but continual rain. And apparently much of the Salinas Valley is now Yuppie "tickytacky" condos.

You made it past La Conchita, that was your biggest threat of mudslides and traffic; by the time you get here, it will just be rush-hour, and most of it going southbound.

SEVERAL parties are coming up 101, and several (including the artist GOH) are late. Registration is not set up yet (3:20 as I type this).

goggremlin January 25th, 2008
I took 5 up, Ugh.

Got to drive in snow for the first time of the life.

And the 5 did a number on my car too :(

dustmeat January 25th, 2008
Be safe!

c_eagle January 25th, 2008
Traffic was light for me also.. just one stretch of about 5 miles at 20 mph

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