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Wasted day

I had four computers set up in my office (well, actually the garage). Two of them started acting up to the point of my making the determination that something was seriously wrong, so I decided to go to Fry'g and get a new state of the art motherboard with all this money I've gotten off ebay recently, and use the board from the upgraded machine to fix one of the ones that had failed. I didn't need four systems anyway.

After three trips to Fry's I have nothing to show for it but an empty gas tank, a sunburn and a headache. Board I got this morning didn;t work. Took it back about 1PM, it tested fine at Fry's so I brought it home for another go. Same problems, so this time I just returned it. They credited $248 to my paypal debit card and it isn;t showing up at the moment but I'll deal with that later. I came to the conclusion that I was building a computer better than I needed that I wasn't going to have time to use anyway.

The survivng two computers were the better ones anyway. Two is enough, I will scrap the others for parts that will probably go on Ebay.
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