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White Star Line


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How many furry conventions are there now?

I just got word that yet another one is starting up, called "furryconnection north" in Detroit.

For the first half decade, the fandom had one single convention where everybody met once a year. Then around 1994 it started to fragment, and the rate seems to be continuing exponentially. There are now so many furry conventions I can not only not even name them all I can't even say for sure how many there actually are. There has to be like one every couple of weeks or so. Is there really a need for that many?

It seems to be that running a convention has taken the place of being an APA editor as what makes you "somebody" in the fandom if you don't happen to be an actual creative talent. SMOF used to be a fairly exclusive group of people, thats no longer the case. SERIOUSLY no longer the case.

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barona December 12th, 2007
It seems that, more and more, the One Big Con that takes place on the other side of the country has been replaced by smaller, local cons-- I'd wager it is for two reasons.

One, it is cheaper & easier (and probably more fun) to go to a pair of smaller local cons than one a year, and since everything worthwhile is perceived to be on the Internet now, a person can log on and see what is actually useful that the folks at the far-away place have to offer.

After all, the trinkets in the dealer's room are the same; the books & other items can be had through the net, and the price of travel these days is prohibitive.

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