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Well the stroke kitty didn't make it. I really didn't think she would, but the fact of the matter is, strokes cause permanent damage. I mean look at Kirk Douglas, if money could fix that it would.

Otherwise today was pretty quiet - this is the time of year when things at a veterinary clinic start slowing down, pets are kept indoors and tend not to get sick or in fights. However, pets kept indoors are not on any sort of timetable, probably why I'm getting loaned out to the home care vet next week.

My own cat seems to be getting unusually lethargic, so I'm going to have to take him in to my own clinic on my day off tomorrow to get him looked at. Hes not blocked or constipated as far as I can tell, so hes OK until tomorrow morning.

It will be an interesting experience, taking him in to my own clinic and doing all of the treatments on him myself. Probably whatever is wrong won't be known without blood work.
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