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Monday will be interesting

My doctor has lots of connections and friends.

My only actual "Fixed" schedule at my clinic is weekends, the other three days float around. Apparently next week I'm being loaned out to a mobile vet in Tarzana, since that doctor does one continuous 18 hour day (!!) and I'm regarded as one of the few people available that will actually hold up to that.

So instead of my normal Monday & Tuesday, I'll be pulling a solid 18 hour shift on Monday and get Tuesday to sleep in and recover from it. My TSA workdays were 10 hour days bracketed by an 80 mile commute, with the workday spent mostly on my feet without breaks, so I'm actually well adapted for this. Should be fun.

I certainly wouldn't mind this becoming a regular thing either - pull half a work week in a single day?

I could make this a regular full time job but one of the two days (two day work week!) would have to be Saturday and that conflicts with one of the days. Still, stuff could be shifted around. Time will tell.
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