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Weekend Projects

Today I need to replace the ceiling fan in the bathroom. Looking into it reveals that I in fact have to replace it from the attic, not the bathroom. Fortunately the bathroom vent is located within about 15 feet of the attic access so I don't have to go crawling all over the place like I did when I put the Ethernet in.

I've also learned that fans come in various strengths in terms of how much air they move - and for reasons I won't get into here I'm going to get the "Tornado" version if they make such a thing.

EDIT: New fan is in, 30% more fan capacity than the previous one. New one also includes a light, which the old one didn't have. As there previously had been no light, there is no separate light switch, and the fan & light therefore switch on and off as a unit.

In the process of doing this, all sorts of filth rained down into the bathroom, so before I clean myself up I have to do an unscheduled cleaning of the room below the work site. Really I should have figured that was going to happen.
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