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Study aid (sort of)

Essentially I just deliberately crippled this computer so it couldn't play online games anymore, at least not very well.

Since I had today off, one of the things I did was take the computer I normally use and the one martes normally uses and swap some parts around.

Both of these are bargain Frys basic models. Hers is a little newer as its a 1.5 GHz and this one is a 1.2. Both came with 128 megs of ram and had been upgraded with an additional 1 gig dimm so they would actually WORK.

Hers had some off brand "BTC" CD drive in it that was essentially an unreliable piece of crap, so today I swapped the CD-ROM drives in both of them along with moving both the 1gig DIMM's to hers.

Result is that the 1.5 machine, now with 2 gigs of ram, actually runs pretty well. It even runs secondlife reasonably well, but more importantly, Photoshop should be smoother.

THIS machine, on the other hand, with its now pathetic 256 megs of ram, can't run SL or Photoshop for shit, but that was intentional. I don't need Photoshop, and it actually helps to be on a system that can't run SL as it keeps me from drifting off from stuff I'm supposed to be doing like getting ready for tests. Everything else still works, even youtube.
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