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Transfusion Reactions / Idexx falls out of favor

There's a HUGE veterinary hospital in Culver City that holds CD (Continuing Education) seminars every 8 weeks. Yesterday evening I went to my first one of these. I've noticed in the past the fliers for this event posted prominently in every clinic I've been in, but the place being 32 miles south of here, and the event starting literally the minute the clinic I work at closes, the only way a person can go to it is if they have that Thursday off. Fortunately I do. I Came back with a big packet of material to share next week. Also a coffee cup and a bicycle water bottle, handy as one of my bikes was missing that.

Apparently IDEXX customer support in the Southern California area has gotten bad. So bad that a lot of clinics (including ours) are dumping the Vet-Test 8008 in favor of Heska equipment. This past Wednesday we got a class on the new stuff. Smaller, lower maintenance, faster, all the things you expect with improving technology. Most impressive is that it can do a full blood analysis with .25 CC of blood. For those who don't know, the standard has been a full 3CC of blood in order to have enough for the IDEXX machines to work.

One glitch I see though, is that if you are sending the stuff out to Antech you still need the full 3CC sample as they don't use this whizbang Heska stuff. And while its fast, reliable and just plain neato, doing stuff in-house still costs more than sending it out to the lab. So its going to have to be crystal clear before blood is drawn if the test is going to be done in house or not. I wonder how many mistakes they made over the past couple of days?
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