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Van Update, So Exciting!

Theres a fuse blown somewhere. Fortunately not to anything the van needs to operate - just to the radio and the electronic tachometer, and the fuel computer that never showed us anything but "cal" in the 12 years we've owned this thing. The original owners customized the van so extensively there are fuses hidden in several places and every one I can find to check seems to be OK.

No matter, I don't need anything thats not working, and the van is so noisy the radio is superfluous anyway. I can drive it in the dark, thats all thats important for now.

Despite all the apparent radiator leakage, then radiator is full. Apparently that was the overflow tank, which is what the smog test guy thought it was. Its not leaking water now at any rate. I just came back from Kragen's (again) with a case of oil, which as I now remember I always used to carry in the van when I used it more often.
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