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White Star Line


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Goodbye big angry dogs and gangbanger coworkers

I had to go pick up a bicycle before work today, and as my original (and at the moment still part time) employer was located right behind the place, I stopped in to say hello.

Well two of the techs had left since I last worked there during the week. They once again had a full time position open.

I had only gone to SCAH since the school had essentially MADE me do it to get dog experience. I had stayed on at the conclusion of school as they really wanted to have an RVT there, but in name only, the UVA's treated me like dirt. At the time I was not in a position to be picky about employment.

I was always happier at The Cat Doctor. Its like going home.

I'm going to go outside and walk around in the rain now.

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caerdwyn September 22nd, 2007
Congratulations on getting back with folks you like.

A question: you've been extremely mobile concerning employers in the past few months. Is this usual for an RVT serving some sort of internship? It seems like you've been having your chain jerked around by the school. What's the deal with that? Is this the usual thing? And when do you get to choose an employer and stay with them?

Well, okay, more than "a" question.

titanic September 23rd, 2007
I did three periods of work experience - the first two at the cat doctor, and the last, not by choice I might add, at SCAH, as the school demanded I work at a place that did dogs. I was so close to being an actual RVT the practice owner asked me to stay on after graduation, and pretty much through simple inertia, I did. But the other employees never really accepted me as I was jumping in on an established pack order.

I had to go into this place with a detailed list of tasks I had to do and push other people out of the way to do them, which didn't really help either. I did get an A for the course though.

vulpesrex September 22nd, 2007
I'm a bit confused, here - are you working two jobs part-time, one with the feline facility (purrr) and the other the more general SCAH, where the UVA's feel threatened by your presence? Surely this isn't the same facility that had you posting about what a shop of horrors it seemed to be?

I hope that you find an environment that is happy and where your services are valued.

There was a time when promising students in the sciences, doing their post-grad work, would be sent off to work under one of their professor's peers, mostly for "seasoning" in the field, and exposure to other modes of thought in the rather closed and arcane fields of Physics and Chemistry. I would imagine that this same philosophy would apply to medicine as well, with interns being sent off with letters of introduction and recommendations from one care facility to another, until a number of vets had seen enough to pronounce you qualified and reaedy for your final state examinations.

Of course, times change, and I could be wrong about just how collegiate and chummy the veterinary profession is, compared to Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics.

titanic September 23rd, 2007
Not quite.

In California there are 8000 Veterinarians (doctors)

There are 3000 RVT's (equvalent to an RN). Most no longer work in the field. The vast majority of those who do do not actually have the AAS degree.

Consequently at the VAST majority of small animal hospitals, on the job trained UVA's illegally do the RVT job. Walk into the clinic with your degree & license, and suddenly the status of all these UVA's drops back to animal restraint and food/water/litter duty.

In the case of SCAH, the five existing techs were all male (actually very rare) and the "pack" had an established pecking order and alpha male already. Their previous RVT had left two weeks earlier and things had just been shuffled around to their liking, and they didn't want to go back.

Complicating this was the fact that while a graduate, I have not yet taken the state baord exam, which meant that I was essentially a UVA myelf, but with less experience. Using the Army for a model, we were the smae rank, but I had less time in grade.

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