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Huzzah #47 is in Beta test

I think I have the final version worked out now. It will get one more proofread Sunday morning and then I will start in the actual production run. 140 pages this go around, but all look nice and clean. None of the blotchiness that affected last issue.

While I've been waiting for various pages to print, I've been working on Ebay stuff. My paypal debit card is what paid for the covers to be printed this time - the only part of the book that is still "outsourced" - and only then for the first 100 covers. All ink-jet printed after that.

While I'm doing the marathon print run I can engage in another marathon activity - finding all of the information the DOT wants to know for this job. I figure I have about a 20% chance of getting it - I have 3 major obstacles to overcome and a les than even chance of getting past each - but I'll give it a try anyway.
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