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I went to check on Charlie myself

Couldn't concentrate, and they had enough people, so I left a couple of hours early on what fortunately is the one weekday I have a morning shift.

On the entire blood panel, everything was normal except for BUN and Creatinine, which were certainly high but not disastrously so. PCV was 23%, within normal but on the low side. If it hadn't been for the fact he needs anesthesia to have the tooth extracted, he could probably go home and just be put on a regiment of SUBQ fluids.

The sore mouth is obvious now that I know about it, and probably IS what set off the dehydration, along with the 100 degree temperature here. Outside of that he looks better. Getting that tooth out will make it comfortable to eat & drink and thats a big part of this.

I gave him his Clindamycin myself, and since hes on fluids now, the doctor also prescribed a shot of Epogen so his PCV would not fall as his blood volume increased. I did that too.

Oddly, Buprenex seems to keep him awake, not a reaction I've heard of before.

Angry Bengal Kitten in the next cage over would keep me awake too, tell truth.
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