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Busy Day!

This was the busiest day so far. Two MAJOR surgeries, One of which involved a 10 pound dog that had about a third of its abdomen as one huge tumor. Amazingly this dog survived the surgery and was even lively and active at the end of the day, though its gums were a stark white even after a blood transfusion.

Two dogs were brought in overheated, both pug / bulldogs. The first had a temperature of 107.5, but a rapid wetting down with cool water and a fan revived that one and he went home. The other has some temperature over 110 as thats as far as our thermometers can register. Needless to say that one didn't make it, and I'm glad to be a tech in the back rather than the personnel in front that had to deal with the screams, tears and accusations of the husband & wife blaming each other. For what, having the dog outside on a day when the temperature here hit 108?

Its obvious now why we wear scrubs that cost about $12 a set - mine are covered with blood (and various other) stains after this shift. I didn't get out of there until over an hour after everyones shift was over. Good thing I was an MCSE in a former life as I was also the only one there who could do the cornerstone data backup at the end of the day as well.

Its now 10:30 and still almost 90 here.
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