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White Star Line


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Today is going to be HOT

Before 7AM here it was already 82, and we already had a brief brownout. This is going to be miserable. I'm glad I have the closing shift today (11:30Am to 8PM) to get me out of the heat.

I can't really afford to air condition the entire house when I'm the only one in it. On a day like this I could set it to 95 and it would never shut off anyway.

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loiosh_de_talto August 30th, 2007
My family was having a similar issue until we ended up having to replace our AC unit. Once we changed it with something built in the last decade, our bills (and the indoor temperature) dropped impressively.

Also, replacing filter, good idea.

vulpesrex August 30th, 2007
Many compressor units develop "leaks" over the years, losing refrigerant; it is a good idea to have your compressor unit (or Heat Pump, if that is what you have, like many apartments) checked for freon level - though you would probably pay an arm and a leg doing it _this_ week, if a technician could come out at all.

Attic and exterior walls are insulated, yes? Whether or not, consider an ATTIC FAN, set in the roof and thermostatically controlled, to start venting air from the roof when the temp exceeds 115 degrees up there; it can get to 160 or higher in the attic, and it will have a noticable effect on the rest of the house.

word up

c_eagle September 1st, 2007
$60 one-room air conditioners from Home Depot. $30 annual cost estimates. Marked down right now from $100. Keeping my room 71 degrees. Best wishes, sir!

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