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Household Repairs

New disposal for the kitchen - last one was so corroded it literally fell apart as i was taking it out and I had to remove the locking ring with a hammer as it was no longer attached to the disposal unit that it was supposed to hold in place.

Unit actually had a hole corroded out the side. We had been unable to use the right side of the kitchen sink for weeks and it had been leaking for almost a year. I had hesitated to replace it due to the cost.

And the cost? $108 to buy the replacement disposal, and that was the top of the line model. Cheaper ones could be had for as little as $65. $160 to have it installed. So I did it myself. Thats a whole day of pay for me AFTER I pass the state board. And it only took me about two hours to put it in, and that never having done it before.

Spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. Overall, a productive day.
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