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White Star Line


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ZZN Feature Upgrade

Effective Sept 9, 2002 ZZN (owned by MailCentro) will only offer POP (Offline Access) email access as part of ZZN EMAIL Pro which is available for $19.95/year. In order to not disrupt your POP service please upgrade to ZZN EMAIL Pro by Aug 28.

That's not an upgrade.

I will give them credit for holding out this long. THis was the last free internet service I think I still had, except for heavily advertised web space.

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c_eagle August 25th, 2002
Your comments are helpful, *so* many times! *wingpats fur*
Thank you for letting me know... I had that ZZN thing for management of something, so I guess I'll have to transfer it now.. I didn't buy the USA.net paid service, and I don't need to buy this one...

Yahoo is a real pain, but it still has free service, as well as mail.com

The -best- free email service I have found though (best filtering and practially zero ads) is outblaze.net *if* you can get an account there.. it is a baseline service that was setup for larger services to install, and they keep it running for the beta members...but they might still allow applications.

best wishes!

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