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Little confusion cleared up

From reading clipfox's journal, I can see that probably every veterinary clinic out there has internal drama. Its made worse when you walk into a place with an AAS in Veterinary Technology and no full time experience.

Well the head DVM had told his front office manager to call me to schedule work hours for me, and I had not gotten called in five days

Well first day there the head UVA had told me flat out "As an RVT you will make more money than I do and I will resent you for it". I'll give him kudos for honesty.

Anyway I had to legitimately go back there today to get my last degree coursework signed off, and the doctor asked me why I hadn't started yet. Hmm... plot thickens.

Stand by for part 2

Anyway, as of November 17 we will have health insurance again.
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