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Sweet revenge

One of the front staff girls (really sharp pre-vet) brings a 9 week kitten to work with her that often is just running around. Never causes a problem.

We have a big pit bull and a big lab that are clinic dogs - used to provide blood for transfusions.

Yesterday the pit bull got loose in the clinic and went after the kitten. I did a football dive and grab and the pit bull bounced off my back. This endeared me to the kittens owner but convinced most of the rest of the hospital staff that I was nuts (Kitten Save!)

Well today for my pre-employment test the head DVM wanted to see me do an induction, intubation, cephalic vein catheter, cephalic blood draw from the other leg, saphenous vein blood draw, jugular vein blood draw, cystocentesis, and urinary catheter, and handle all of the anesthesia myself. All of it went off without a hitch except my first catheter got a flash and then stuck on something, but the second one went in fine. He also liked my taping job that now is the clinic standard.

Guess who got to be the test dummy for that?
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