Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Classroom instruction at Pierce College ends - for me

Today is my actual last day of instruction, and I only have two more Thursdays on campus after this. Its actually over.

Got my microbiology final tomorrow, followed by my second to last RVT exam review prep. Next week I have jury duty, the last exam prep, and as much "volunteer student" time at the animal hospital as I can fit in before I turn in my AS480 book on the 9th.

Then I just wait for the actual graduation information to come in the mail, and set myself up for the state board exam. Till then I work as a "UVA".

California only defines three people at a vet clinic. You are a DVM, an RVT or a UVA. If you do not have state board certification you are a UVA by law regardless of what you want to call yourself. Most UVA's call themselves techs which is technically illegal, but done everywhere. Problem is the vast majority of them get to believing they actually ARE techs, and at the clinic where I am at right now there are two of them with 8 and 17 years of experience who I don't see as ever taking orders from me, board certified or not. So its possible that once I get my actual board certification I will move on to yet another place that will only know me as an RVT.

I actually ran into that same problem at the first place. I walked in as a no knowledge no experience newbie, and started out as a kennel guy. Problem was that after two years of formal schooling, only the doctor recognized the change, the other staff considered I should still be cleaning cages and mopping the floor for them. The Doctor actually gave me the keys to the clinic and has me doing rounds and treatments on Sunday morning and doesn't even call to check on me. So as far as I'm concerned, I made it to the person whos opinion actually matters.
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