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Cicada Club

July 1st I went to the Cicada Club and took ruggels along again. The lighting inside was far too low to take any motion pictures and most of what I wanted to get still shots of was too far away to use the flash, but he covered the event fairly well.

The dance floor for this event was far too packed for anyone to get on it that didn't know what they were doing. With Swing dancing impacts with other dancers can be painful as you are moving too fast. I was too long out of circulation to remember how to dance for this one, but once again there were unattached women looking for dance partners. They did ask "lj user="ruggels"> first every time. He's lost weight and I look old now.

P.S. I gave him the hat I'm wearing in this icon, whcih you can tell from the picture is a full size too large for me.
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