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First SDI Ball of 2007

I haven't been to one of these in two years, my last being the Spring ball of 2005. I finally made my reappearance last night.

(I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile, or ever stuck youtube video in an LJ post, so I don't know how much this slows down other people. Do I need to put stuff like this behind an LJ cut tag or not? Please tell me.)

I was still talking about my horrific experience at the bad vet clinic on Friday. At one point I think I compared the doctor to the Marquis De Sade...

This attracted the attention of Marie Antoanette, who for some reason was at an 1890 themed Victorian dance event.

She actually turned out to be a pretty good dancer. Story was that she is a professional actress who had been hired to play this character at a Barmitzfah (!!!) and came to our event afterwards.

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