Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

One day at this clinic was enough

They wash (not sterilize) syringes for re-issue to clients for administering medicine.

They re-use paper drapes and gauze out of surgical packs that do not resemble anything I was taught in school or have even seen.

The shelves are full of suture material that expired in a previous century, and that is not an exaggeration. When I asked about that I was told it was perfectly OK to use that on animals.

The doctor performs internal surgery wearing only gloves. No mask, gown, or even washing his hands ahead of time. I think the gloves are just to keep the blood off his own hands. I even heard oen of them say the repeat business from internal infections was pretty good.

The people working there presently cannot even do toenail trims without needing to stop the resulting blood flow. I did not see them successfully do this even once.

They needed to do a jugular blood draw from a dog - I watched the other "tech" stick the needle in and then go fishing around with it - causing considerable tissue damage. Eventually he got a syringe full of bright red blood. I doubt he hit the vein.

Pain medicine following internal surgery costs $36 extra. Two of the three spay/neuters they did while I was there did not get it and I spent most of the day listening to them cry afterwards.

Their radiograph machine is in the middle of BOARDING. Every animal there is dosed about a dozen times a day. They had me do multiple radiographs with no badge.

Only one cat came in there. Apparently they don't see a lot of cats thank god - this one was an old hyperthyroid who was there for euthanasia. He sat alone in a cage between the two crying dogs until the end of the day, and then the DVM drew up some quantity of Beuthansol (never heard of this stuff). With no preparation, he did a cardiac stick with this then went back to his office. They left me to pronounce death and had the cat in the freezer in less than a minute afterwards.

Anything I might add after that would be superfluous. I am heading over there right now to tell them I won’t be back.
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