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Graduating Tomorrow

Technically not really, I have an 8 week microbiology course that I need to complete the degree, so I don't actually fulfill graduation requirements until August 2nd. But they are nice enough not to make me wait around 10 months to graduate with the class of 2008, since all of my RVT specific education is now completed.

For the next 8 weeks I'll be still working part time at the clinic I did my work experience class at. Somewhere at the end of August or early September I'll take my State Board exam to get my official RVT license. The national VTNE exam is only done once a year so I have to wait until January 18 for that.

Its interesting how unrelated social events are marking all of these turning points for me - the Seaside Ball happens right after the pseudo-graduation, the Avalon Ball happens right after I graduate for real, and Further Confusion happens the week right after the national boards.
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