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White Star Line


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Blake by TR

Back on Deviantart (though I'm not an artist)

My account was showing as having been inactive for 124 weeks. I guess you can blame SL for that. My account date is 2002 and I guess that makes me one of the deviant art serious old timers. I'm just glad they didn't delete it. Naturally, I'm "custer".

I had five people listed as "deviations" though that doesn't really equate to a friends list like LJ has. No memory of who they were or why I was watching their stuff, which looked rather boring. Perhaps they added me somehow, I don't know.

So I deleted all that and added the only two people I currently know who are in there, Tracy Butler & Thornwolf.

and ruggels is right, its a truly arcane navigation system.

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c_eagle May 12th, 2007
Some of the fanart there is nice, though I still think the name stinx.

c_eagle May 12th, 2007
not your handle, the site name.

titanic May 13th, 2007
Makes me wonder what the original purpose of the site was. Its about the only place I know of that has extensive anthro art on it but is still a primarily "Non-furry" site. This was back in my phase of grabbing "custer" as a username on any service I found just to try and keep my name distinctive, which explains why nothing else was on it.

It still bugs me that some guy in Panama used the LN name "custer" for 11 HOURS about 7 years ago and as a result I can't get my proper username here. Still, this one suits me well enough.

c_eagle May 13th, 2007
yep... indeed. That name scooping thing seems to be fairly prevalent on SL as well.... and since I stayed away from Devi-art for so long, someone scooped up my name there too. At least they don't seem like they'll be a bad reflection on me... seems to like cartoons :D

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