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White Star Line


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I just did my first actual surgery


I need post op drugs.

The cat is just fine.

(P.S: As an RVT I don't actually cut anything. The doctor just steps back after the procedure is technically complete tells me to close up everything, which I did OK once she reminded me to reverse the knots on the simple interrupted suture I were using.)

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ruggels May 4th, 2007
The first one is the hardest. Congratulations!


titanic May 5th, 2007
Doubt I will be doing this again anytime soon actually. What little actual suturing I am allowed to do is something the DVM can do faster without assistance actually. I mean, as far as I know an RN can sew things up too but they hardly ever do it.

akai_ekoti May 5th, 2007
Congratulations! Glad to hear the cat is fine.

titanic May 5th, 2007
Its the lab animal class that has the bad track record. The Clinical Procedures II group are people abtout to have medical degrees & licenses in about a month, we better know whet the hell we are doing!

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