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White Star Line


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18 more pages today

Figured out how to do the book with the new method as well - everything that comes in digitally is printed and put in a binder. Everything that comes in on hardcopy is scanned at the correct settings, saved, and immediately printed, and the printed page put in same binder.

Right now ther are 130 pages, not counting ones from J. Kennedy and my own editorial. Issue should go somewhere between 140 - 150 pages which is normal size. The art supervisor will decide on the final order of the pages this evening, and tomorrow after my trip to Burbank I will make up a single final edition. Since I'm going to be busy all day Thursday and (hopefully) part of Friday, this will let that master copy be passed around and looked at by the local members to spot any mistakes before I start the production run on the weekend.

Scheduled publication date is August 25. We will make that date. It is a Sunday, so nothing wil go in the mail until the next day, but we will have a book on that day.

And for all the members reading this - I HAVE FIXED THE PRINTING PROBLEM! #46 looked awful and it was my fault. #47 will look fine. The working copy of all the pages look good, and they are not printed on the bright white high quality paper the actual production run will be done on.

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mersades August 25th, 2002
Hi Dwight. I had a few questions about Huzzah! that you probably get time and again...I've read over the site because I knew I found the answer there at one point, but I didn't find it. First off - what does it take to have contributions considered? I know you have members for the staff - does all the art come from just them, or do you have outside sources as well? I'm sure you're insanely busy at the moment because the new issue is coming out this weekend, but if you find the time to reply I'd be grateful to know what you guys look for. Thanks a bunch, and best wishes!

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