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White Star Line


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One of those days

This is how yesterday started off at the clinic...

Angry cat (lots of those yesterday) comes in. Tech takes weight and temperature and returns cat to owner. Cat is pleasant through all of this. After the tech (not me this time) leaves, the cat takes a big bite out of said owner who bleeds profusely all over the table. We wind up treating the owner and the animal and is returned to the cat carrier. The owner decides he doesn't want to go through bringing his cat in again and to continue the visit.

Cat is now resting peacefully up against the side of he cat carrier. Doctor comes in, takes complete patient history, and goes to withdraw cat from the carrier. Cat comes out of the carrier without altering posture one bit. Initially she thinks someone is playing a joke and put a toy cat in the carrier.

No - its the same cat that took a bite out of his owner ten minutes earlier, but now hes in rigor.

"Doctor, whats wrong with my cat"?

"Its dead, thats whats wrong with it"

NO, she didn't go into the Monty Python parrot sketch, but it was probably difficult. She did do a physical exam to confirm the animal was indeed dead from no readily apparent cause, and not some retaliatory action on the part of the owner.

Se we sent the owner with his dead cat to the emergency room. And we didn't charge for the appointment.

At least the owner was less upset about the death of the cat than he might have otherwise been.

Apparently this animal had a hstory of tachycardia and might literally have been killed by the stress of attacking his owner, who will probably never forget him now. This was kitty's way of saying goodbye I suppose.

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yelth February 28th, 2007
Oh man!
I don't know if I should laugh or feel bad for the owner.

titanic February 28th, 2007
We did both, but we saved teh laughter for the end the day. This doctor has only had three cats die under her immidiate care, and I was the tech for two of them.....

gen February 28th, 2007
Ugh. Poor kitty.

Random question, but is the symbol in your icon the actual symbol for vet techs or did you make it for the occasion?

titanic February 28th, 2007
Its a standard symbol, going by the long established pattern of just sticking letters on top of the human doctor Caduceus to indicate specialties. In this case its a scan of a pin you get with your state license here in CA.

The medical Caduceus superimposed by a VT is the actual symbol for Veterinary Technitians. Just the V means Veterinarian. Theres also a version with an N for nurses, and a D for dentists.

loiosh_de_talto February 28th, 2007
How... affectionate.

karmahappens March 1st, 2007
Wow. I have never heard of that one before. What a freaky incident. I'm sorry you had to be the one on duty :-(

c_eagle March 1st, 2007
That is rather shocking, but I guess not entirely implausible.
One (idiot) person I used to know would haul their cat around all the time by the tail. The poor thing was in a state of shock most of the time, and perhaps what that cat you saw there endured was a similar thing.

We tried to take that cat off the idiot's hands, to give it a better life, but when it came out of shock (since we took it here gently.. no tail tugging)... it just gave me the worst cat bite I'd ever had and ran off, never to be seen again... :|

jerrinfox March 1st, 2007
OMG I was laughing so hard!

Did the vet stop to consider that maybe the owner was poisonous to bite and was in fact not human afterall?

The cat totally distracted you from the fact you had an alien in your midst!

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