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White Star Line


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Episode #27 (This is episode #27?????????)

Some people think the South Korean mouse leader looks like Tim Fay.

Tim Fay was never this cool.

Not even close.

Karl Reisman commands the US forces from inside a robotic whale off the coast of Korea.

The cute fuzzy North Koreans have no chance. Now I need a weasel avatar, dammit.

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unciaa February 27th, 2007
Did you post a link to these somewhere? I've looked, but don't see any.

jerrinfox February 27th, 2007
Damn I lost my link you gave me in SL and now I'm VERY INTERESTED TO SEE IT. :)

Episode #27

titanic February 28th, 2007
Apparently this is Episode #27 of a series, and its from April of last year. I gotta find the rest of them!

Re: Episode #27

akai_ekoti March 1st, 2007
This would be a hit at a con, even without any subtitles. Though a fansub....that would be priceless.

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