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White Star Line


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I should do a Secondlife Avitar of this guy

Then find where all the Koreans hang out in SL. Apparently the person uploading all of these to YouTube is fully sanctioned by the North Korean government and to them its all very serious.

Just like their 1950 Propaganda, which was nowhere near close to the mark either and was mainly a source of entertainment.

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akai_ekoti February 25th, 2007
Do you have a link?

mecampbellesq February 25th, 2007
Seriously. I'm not really sure why, but North Korean propoganda has always been a guilty pleasure of mine....

A lot of other propaganda mixed in

titanic February 25th, 2007

Also the users english is rather poor - leading me further to the conclusion that this is all genuine. 5-1 & 5-2 seem to be recent, but other cartoons like #2 actually seem to be older than I am.

Re: A lot of other propaganda mixed in

akai_ekoti February 26th, 2007
Thank you very much for the link! This is some surreal stuff. I'd almost think that Eric Blumrich were behind some of this if he were still in the funny animal business.

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