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White Star Line


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Competing with CSI

Since I still have three TiVo's here, originally gotten for the purpose of recording competing TV shows, I figured I would give it another go. Turns out "Greys Anatomy" is actually pretty good - I'll give "scrubs" a look too - all three shows are on at the same time, and with my current schedule allof them are on after I'm usually about ready to goto bed anyway.

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jerrinfox February 16th, 2007
No vet shows though. There's not a lot of drama around Mr. Tiddles needing a neuter. :)

yippee February 16th, 2007
I like Scrubs and have seen like the first two seasons on DVD.

I think of you when I'm in the car when John O'Hurley does the voiceovers as the ficticious owner on 95.7 Max FM. I had to giggle when he accidentally called the recurring lady character "Elaine" - a reference to his role as Elaine's boss on Seinfeld.

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