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White Star Line


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At home. Not playing computer games.

Sort of feels odd. Been sitting at home watching the rain, cleaning house & such. So drinking a lot ot tea as opposed to Coffee, which is better for me anyway really.

martes Sirius radio is starting to show signs of hard use, and it something of a trick to operate. We decided on the way back from FC that we needed to replace it.

And so I made two discoveries, first that Sirius has a perfectly acceptable basic model on sale for $20. The second was that anyone with a sirius account can now tune the Howard Stern channel over an internet connection as well as over the radio.

Originally this was not the case - only certain generic stations were tunable over the internet, and so I had pretty much forgotten that feature as being useless. But now you CAN tune Howard 100 & 101 over the computer. This means the new satellite radio won't be subject to the abuse the other one had as once its mounted in the car it can stay there.

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c_eagle January 31st, 2007
WOW.. Sirius has a 20 dollar model now? That could really sting XM, which used to have a 30 dollar one, but doesn't even have that any more...

titanic January 31st, 2007
On sirius.com it costs $50 - but the same one on shopsirius.com was #19.00. Its the basic car model - no frills.

Right now martes has one of the high end models with a bunch of features she never uses - never even changes the channel on the thing. I'm going to try and repair the power connection on the Starmate, if I can, I may add it as a second subscription and use it myself. Like TiVo, add on units cost about half what the original subscription costs.

What is unfortunate is that both of our vehicles came "XM Ready" and we are using the other service, so we can't take advantage of that.

jerrinfox February 1st, 2007
I've had Sirius since the get-go and I never regretted it. It costs something every month but regular radio is so inane and full of idiots I prefer satellite. Stern is a lot of fun now that he can do as he pleases, too.

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