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White Star Line


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White Chibifox

The Taxman Cometh!


We knew this was coming. I remember 1993, the year that the California Board of Equalization (would you believe that means taxes?) discovered furry conventions. Well THE furry con, there was still only one at the time.

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shockwave77598 January 26th, 2007
If the IRS wants to tax what I make in SL, then I can deduct the costs of playing SL as a business expense. That's Tax Law. I will be able to purchase an entire island and write it off my taxes as a capital investment. I can then deduct every purchase I make for furniture and textures as expenditures to creating said business. Heck, I can spend as little or as much as I want to in SL and write the whole thing off, making my net expense for the game, zero dollars. I don't even have to show a profit for 5 years!

Go ahead IRS - make the game free for me to play :)

mecampbellesq January 27th, 2007
Everything I REALLY needed to know about life I learned from gaming, Rule #9: "If there's ever a way a rule can be abused, rest assured that it eventually WILL be abused in that way."

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