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White Star Line


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White Chibifox

Well, made it to the convention

And actually on the first night ran into just about everybody I came here to see. Had one of those large dinner parties with about 30 people and all of the tables pushed together. Met several people in person who I've been socializing with on Sl.

The actual "meet and greet" big party wil be later tonight. Should be a good collection of all the people I've been hanging around with for the past 16 months.

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dustmeat January 19th, 2007
WAit, why is everyone leaving SL?

shockwave77598 January 19th, 2007
Some are, not everyone. And those leaving are sick of the game crashing all the time, randomly losing items in inventory with no way to get it back (SecondLifeHerald mentions a bed for 25,000L, that's 100$! Imagine losing something that expensive) and allowing griefers to run amuck by forgoing any sort of ID on new accounts. I'm still having fun and I'm not going anywhere. But I wish there were fewer bugs and that LL wasn't on such a "members at all costs" drive.

titanic January 19th, 2007
I'll have a better picture after the big meetup this weekend.

shockwave77598 January 19th, 2007
One doesn't have to be the biggest name to be profitable. But I do think LL needs to get the d*** thing stable and require verification (by whatever means) on all new accounts. That, or make unverified accounts restricted to a handful of islands where the LLRez function is disabled. Kinda late to do the latter though.

SL can make money if they get their system stable and functional. I'm having fun there, but I'm having fun in spite of LL, not because of them.

barona January 19th, 2007
Sometimes it pays to be a Day Late and a Dollar Short. I just recently heard of this thing called "Second Life" and was thinking it was interesting and worth a look just as I started hearing criticisms of it from all over (not just here). Good thing I never got involved. I'd not want to get into something like that as a habit anyway, although an occassional delve in would have been fun. Now, I'm about as interested in that as I am another round of pneumonia.

titanic January 19th, 2007
It used to be great - but you missed the "golden age". I'm not recommending it to anybody at this point.

c_eagle January 20th, 2007
Isnt the meet greet tomorrow morning?

mortonfox January 20th, 2007
It's the fickle Internet crowd. One day, it's Second Life. The next day, it's Worlds of Warcraft. The day after that, who knows?

World Of Warcraft? Feh!

mecampbellesq January 20th, 2007
The reason everyone is running back to WoW is because the much-hyped expansion went live this week. once everyone 'uses it up' I expect people to start showing up in SL again. I tried WoW a while back and found it to be pretty, but just another MMO...

Re: World Of Warcraft? Feh!

titanic January 30th, 2007
The much hyped expansion was apparently a disappointment, as instead everyone ran off to play Vanguard as it had three furry races in it. I'm trying it out, but after this week will probably dump it. Everyone I know has already exceeded any level I will every have time to achieve and the thing hasn't even been formally released yet.

Re: World Of Warcraft? Feh!

mecampbellesq January 30th, 2007
An industry professional once commented that if you're not involved in an MMO within two months of it's launch, you're essentially a second-class citizen. And the things you have to go through to shake that is something that doesn't resemble 'fun.' My experience with WoW demonstreated that theiry to be pretty factual.

Re: World Of Warcraft? Feh!

titanic January 30th, 2007
Well I was involved in this one from before its actual release, which was today. But I won't be sticking with it. Its a *game* and I never was interested in those.

If my freinds are in the same game, and happen to be in the same server, I may or may not find them. Can't alter our appearance, or play music, or socialize much at all. Maybe the *old* Sl spoiled me. I can gang up with other people to kill things. Didn't I just do 21 years of that? I don't need that in a fantasy version.

Amd from what I understand, once you rise to a certain level, complete all the quests and kill everything you can - the game is essentially over. Then what?


jbdutton January 20th, 2007
I see you have the same wonderful weather we do ice etc
Have you gotten your package from Mello yet?

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