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White Star Line


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TC - Phone Listening

Last steps before FC2007

Got more of Charlies thyroid medicine.

martes car has new tires and brakes, and so is ready for the trip.

She should be home with the remaining components to make up the new book. We finished printing all of the interiors to it a few days ago. The other books arrived from the printers a few days ago too, and look really good.

Got the dealers license at the state BOE, which was an event in and of itself. However, that is now done, and the new license is good for every further confusion in the future, as well as Califur or SDCC if we go to and sell at those as well. I don't think we currently have plans to however.

Spent most of today trying to get ruggels Kellogg wall phone to work. Its not a breakfast cerial phone - Kellogg was the original name of GTE before WW2. The transmitter does not seem to work even though extensive testing shows all the wiring to be correct. I then took the only other 100 year old wall phone in my collection, this one being a Western Electric model with far simpler wiring, and did the modification to that one.

And got the exact same results. I've come to the conclusion this phone IS wired correctly, and there just isn't enough power in my line to make the transmitter work. It will ring, and the receiver works in both cases, but no matter how much you shout into the transmitter it does not seem to be audible. I spent a lot of time converting candlestick phones to modern use but never really played around with the big oak wall phones as there really isn't any place in my house to set one up. But I'm pretty sure I go this right, if the circuit was wrong the rest of it would not function.

Gotta love Boomerang & Tivo. Only 30 Top Cat episodes were made, and I already got 25 of them recorded.

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vulpesrex January 17th, 2007
RE: The phone - are you using the original transmitter, or a more modern one modified in some way? Is it a carbon type microphone element? The older these things are, the more likely that the carbon gets compressed into a solid mass, and needs serious jaring to break it up into granular form again.

Is this a phone that used local battery (tall dry-cels inside the cabinet, or in a wooden case inside a coat closet)? You might be able to test it with a conventional telephone and a 12-volt battery.

When I have seen cable-splicers at work, they have been able to communicate several miles (5 or 6) using the old-fashioned earpiece-and-boommic headset with the carbon mics and a 6-volt lantern battery at each end.

titanic January 17th, 2007
This particular phone even had an envelope in it referring to the day in 1962 when it was taken out of service.

I'll take the transmitter out of it and tap it a bit. That may well be the problem - I've just not run into a transmitter stuck like that. But then this phone is even older than what I usually work on which is stuff from the 20's $ 30's. This is pre-WW1 stuff here.

c_eagle January 17th, 2007
I saw boomerang playing in a restaurant.. man I wish we had that.

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