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White Star Line


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The first lab in Clinical Proceedures 1 was in giving a physical exam, so we all had to rush out and buy stethascopes. I got a Littman Classic II, about a midrange model.

I go through the entire semester thinking that I either have a defective model or more likely I'm going deaf. My fellow students, most of which are half my age, are having no trouble hearing anything, but I can't hear squat. On kittens it seemed to work OK but I assumed at the time it was because I love kittens and was just paying more attention...

Last class in Small Animal Nursing I was the class on Stethascopes, at which point I have to do a fancy report with facts & pictures and all that fluff.

I then discover I have gone through the entire semester with a PEDIATRIC model.

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goggremlin December 1st, 2006
What's the difference between a Pediatric model and a normal stethascope? Do they pick up different ranges of sounds or something like that?

karmahappens December 2nd, 2006
Pediatric stethoscopes have a smaller bell/diaphragm and pick up little bitty sounds of little bitty hearts/lungs much better. But they suck on normal- or large-sized animals. Conversely, it's hard to hear pediatric sounds with a normal stethoscope as well. My point being that, Dwight, your money is not poorly spent on a pediatric one... would be wise to have both, I think :-)

(Sorry for the double-post)

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