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Almost to the middle of the first senior semester. A quarter of the way through the year. Its really moving along.

This semester I'm in Animal Nursing 1 (410/411) Clinical Procedures 1 (420/421) Clinical Pathology (430/431) and Radiography (435/436). There are two class numbers because each of these has both a lab and lecture component. Added onto all that is a relatively brain dead (for me anyway) class on how to use Microsoft Office which is a graduation requirement. I call it a "Vanna White" class as I am essentially buying an A.

At the moment my GPA is 2.90, I had thought I had made a 3.0 but It turned out I got a B instead of an A in that 5 credit hour chemistry course. I should be able to get my GPA back up over 3.0 this semester. Its not that much of a reach from a 2.9, and it just sounds a lot better to have a "three something"
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