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Finally I type an entry

I'm now about 1/3 of the way through the fall semester of the 2007 year, which means I'm almost halfway through the program. Its going so fast.

Its only been about a month since I started the real actual RVT courses, and I'm now in the thick of all the actual medical stuff. Hardest part for me is keeping the classes distinct from each other, since not only am I in four classes that are only taught by three instructors, but each class is further subdivided into a lecture portion and a lab portion. To further complicate things, the lab and lecture are not always taught in the same order. On Tuesday & Thursday, the lab is taught first with the lecture following later in the day. In one other case the lecture is taught first followed by the lab. In the last case, the lecture and lab are taught on different days of the week.

So I essentially have eight sets of class notes that are all tested separately from each other. Each lab has an associated "lab report" that has to be done every week. Its a 15 week semester, I will ultimately have written 60 of them by Christmas. On top of that I have:

1. Kennel Duty: Once a week I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning in order to go in and supervise a bunch of first year students doing kennel duty. This is actually a requirement for all four classes. I'm just glad I don't have to do it four times a week.

2. Senior Project: a huge not very well defined activity. In my case I was lucky enough to be the only guy in my particular lab with computer experience and so managed to snag the "computer guru" position. This involved getting our copy of Cornerstone 6.2 installed and working (this refurbished laptop I'm doing this on is better than any of he desktops the ag department has, which is sort of a problem) and then training my classmates on how to use it,

3. Journal Report: Worth a lot of points, it sounds like a glorified book report, so it will be a bunch of typing and not a lot of thought most likely

4. Lab Notebook: A bit tricky. This is supposed to be an accumulation of everything I encountered over the course of the year that I found noteworthy or useful accumulated in a folder that ultimately becomes 16% of my grade.

5. X-Ray Show & Tell: since the Cat Doctor does not see a lot of emergency cases with clearly defined bone problems, it may be yet another trick to get a good X-ray out of the place to use for this, but I have to try.
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