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White Star Line


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Beginning yesterday evening and continuing through this morning, we have had a series of brief brownouts - but significant enough that it reboots computers and makes us go around resetting all the clocks. It also made the clock radio in the living room go off around 5 AM with loud static.

After I shut it off - I still heard static. A brief investigation revealed the high power lines behind the house were hissing so loudly they sounded like the water sprinklers. No visible sparking but that's the most noise they have ever made.

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whitcomb August 17th, 2002
Sorry, this is off-topic and basically random, but- can I ask who drew your LJ icons? I love them.

unciaa August 17th, 2002
I've been wanting to ask that myself for weeks, but all posts were just too serious to go OT... *g*

It's from "Blacksad"

titanic August 17th, 2002

It's a graphic novel that came out about a year ago and has absolutely beautiful artwork - and has been published in French, German, Italian and the original Spanish, but never English. I can't even find a web site IN English to point you to.

Near the end of the story, Blacksad (A Private Investigator) finally tells all that he has found out to the local police, and the images I use are the detective that happened to be on duty at the time. These are the only three drawings of him in the book, but there are scads of other neat looking characters.

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