Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Summer 2 Begins

There are two different Biology 3 classes during the summer, since the computer lab can only take 37 people. I was alternate six for the good schedule that met at the same time every day. Once again, being on the actual hardcopy alternate list was as good as actually having a slot, due to the fairly large number of no shows. The only people who got disappointed were the ones who were walk in adds, and even so about half of them got the class they wanted.

The rest got the afternoon lab, which means on alternate days they have class 8-12AM or 1-5PM. Try and plan any sort of life or job around that. Not popular at all. Would not have worked for me since 1-3PM for me is:

Health 11. Everyone else in this class is a third my age except for the instructor, who is about half. Looks like a real fun teacher though. I don't need this class to get into the senior program starting two months from now, but it is an eventual graduation requirement and this is where it conveniently fit in my schedule.

Five weeks of this, a two week break, then on to the actual real veterinary tech classes where I wear scrubs to school and finally start really doing the real hands on stuff.
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