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White Star Line


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C Cat

(no subject)

Go Jeff

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vulpesrex July 16th, 2006

Loved the first page's Gopher's-eye-view of Jeff...at first.

But after reading through, I have to conclude that this isn't a common cat, this is a gopher shark, raised by coyotes (since he obviously hasn't become coyote-chow himself).

The picture of him, lounging under the chair after dispatching the bunny, shows a positively demonic hatred in his eyes. Like the bunny had some how offended him in some way.

And the pictures of the lordly killer on the "about" page reminded me of how the "Son of Sam" (was that David Berkowitz? The .44 cal killer?) claimed that Sam, his neighbor's black labrador, was really a demon giving him orders to kill.

This is no ordinary feral housecat.

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