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White Star Line


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Eating Comic Books.

My PayPal debit card came in the mail today. It looks and acts like a Mastercard but it spends money out of my paypal account. I've engaged in a lot of Ebay activity of late so I had some money in there. I just bought groceries with it.

Now I'd have to sell a hell of a lot to pay for something like car repairs this way, but the system did in fact work. I'll let you know how the books tasted later.

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doronjosama August 16th, 2002
I worship my PayPal debit card. I used the heck out of it before and during San Diego Comic Con. I really use it quite a lot, it saves me the trouble of carrying cash, which I spend far too quickly when I have it. (But I think before using a debit card or writing a check.)

I've been using it for almost a year now, and have had almost no problems. Only once did I have some trouble, and I discovered that if you push the "credit" button on the self-serve card swiper instead of the "debit" button, it works just fine.


Stray letters

titanic August 17th, 2002
Why is it your posts & responses so often have a single letter a couple lines down from the main post? Nobody else does that.

Re: Stray letters

doronjosama August 17th, 2002
I have no idea. Maybe it's some kind of NetScape/Mac/LiveJournal conflict or something. I really don't know. Very rarely, it won't put the extra letter in. But most times it does.

Since I just use the LJ for fun, I haven't really bothered to figure out why it does it. I chalk it up to NetScape being crappy, actually. My iMac works great for everything else, so I'm loathe to tweak around with it just for LJ purposes. ^_^;

unciaa August 17th, 2002
Hm, so what are the advantages / differences from ordinary credit cards?

Some are pretty good /sneaky

titanic August 17th, 2002
It lets you spend money in your paypal account directly, as opposed to waiting for it to be disbursed to a bank and then going to an ATM to get it out. If you sell more than you buy, it's a great tool. If you buy more than you sell it probably isn't all that useful as you will seldom have moeny in your paypal account to use it with.

A similar thing was recently introduced by Rite Aid, though it may be available elsewhere. It's a mastercard that you deposit money against, then its good for spending just that much money - and no more. A lot of places, such as hotels, online activities, or even places where you are sending something in for exchange, want to have a credit card number so they can charge you for stuff later, even if you don't want them to. I give them this card number. It verifies as being a valid card and a current account - which presently has $2 in it. It is not linked to any other account. If I leave it empty - it's empty.

Ever signed up for a service like AOL that continues to charge you after you have cancelled it? This stops them cold.

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