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White Star Line


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Sl Red Fox

This past Sunday

A chat conversation I had on Sunday morning touched on something that I obviously had a strong reaction to. What followed was an embarassing act of despair that looked like nothing more than the familiar "I'm leaving the fandom forever" plea for attention. That was four days ago.

Ultimately it sunk in that the actual problem I hd been made aware of was a serious flaw in my own personality. My moderate popularity in Second Life had resulted in my deluding myself into thinking I had somehow corrected it. I have not.

And I still don't know what I'm going to do about it either. Could well be I cannot do anything abiout it at all.

Conveniently though, school finals are now upon me, and have provided a convenient reason to stay away from SL until after the semester is over. I will return on June 1st. Possibly I will have it worked out by then.

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shockwave77598 May 18th, 2006
What exactly is the problem? Addiction to mucks?

titanic May 18th, 2006
No, this doesn't involve any addiction to anything at all.

dustmeat May 18th, 2006
I should get back into SL too

titanic May 18th, 2006
After May I'll be poking around in it again. Not till next month though.

vulpesrex May 20th, 2006
For most of us, self-knowledge is a damn expensive commodity; but once you gain it, the use to which you put it is usually worth the price. Sorry to hear of the situation, but you have struck me as the sort of person who has the discipline to master and adapt the quality of your personality. You will only gain from it.

...And Kudos to you for the education that you are pursuing, may it lead to more satisfying lifework!

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