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White Star Line


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Since I am amazingly undistracted between study chapters, I've been rediscovering that there was actually more to the internet than one single simulator program. I got back on Flickr and Used my monthly space allocation up.. A lot of what I uploaded were SL pictures though.

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loiosh_de_talto May 15th, 2006
-laugh- You really enjoy(ed) SL =)

I'm not permanently gone

titanic May 15th, 2006
Just on an extended break.

Re: I'm not permanently gone

loiosh_de_talto May 15th, 2006
I read that in your earlier comment's area. I find it charming how much fun you are having there though. =) It is a good thing.

c_eagle May 16th, 2006
that is a wicked-amazing Jack av.... 8>

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