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White Star Line


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(no subject)

My AS401 final was Monday, and I'm 99% sure I finished with a B.

Chemistry midterm was yesterday, got a dissapointing 81 on the test due to a couple of really misleading questions, and I'm working on that, but I still have a solid A in the class overall, so I may not sweat it too much.

I got a 96 on the muscle test in AS512 today, but due to a brainlock on the preceding bone test, I that leaves me with an B average. I can maintain that, and quite frankly a B is just fine, as I'm not a pre-vet.

So Overall I go into Spring Break with a 3.27 GPA which suits my purposes just fine.

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c_eagle April 7th, 2006
You're a bzzz bzzz bzzzzy guy.. I think my GPA was near that.. best of wishes!

loiosh_de_talto April 25th, 2006
I hear that you, sir, have a Jack Salem AV in SL now. I am envious.

Still under construction

titanic April 26th, 2006
It was being textured when LV426 had a "problem" and everybody got all of their stuff returned. It set us way behind schedule and it won't be ready until after the upcoming weekend.

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