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White Star Line


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If concrete could talk

There is still one place in Burbank where the original sidewalk is still in place with the layers mark. I walk past this once a week - and each time I think about what it must have been like at the time.

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yippee March 23rd, 2006
Historical photos have often fascinated me. Here are some from the Burbank Historical Society. Have you ever visited then_now? I added an entry about the town I live in now. Especially cool seeing the Red Rock Cafe on the corner in the same building in a 1915 photo, though the current train station is a replica of the 1888 station.

Thanks for sharing

matthigh March 23rd, 2006
As a kid, I always found it fascinating to see the dates in the sidewalks -- it was sort of a game to find the oldest date. (But, living mostly in suburban Dallas, there weren't exactly lots of old dates). Why were sidewalks dated, when most other public landmarks are not? Dunno, guess it was just tradition.

Some of the sidewalks on the street where I live have big "WPA 1940" stamped into them. Salinas itself is old enough that actually does have a bit of history behind it -- in 1927 it was the wealthiest town per-capita in the United States. But then came the depression and the Grapes of Wrath, and it all came crashing down.

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