October 17th, 2011

Improved antenna system

I'm done scaring both my wife, the neighbors dogs, and occasionally myself. As in I'm done climbing on the roof.

I got the VHF antenna from its temporary position inside the garage onto the actual roof, with an understandable significant increase in signal, as in I can now pick up stations on the other side of the pass.

While I was up there I improved the HF antenna to an ewually significant level of improvement - near as I can tell from the meter its a 3.5Db gain which is a LOT better than what I had.

I'm looking at an extended period of time with my free moments at scattered odd times when coordinating anything to do will be essentially impossible, so I'm shifting my focus back to an old hobby I had in ages past that will accomodate that.
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Coming back to LIvejournal

I had almost entirely abandoned LJ in favor of Facebook, but since their new system with "Smart Lists" has destroyed its usefulness, I had to abandon it. I do use google plus though, and twitter extensively.
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