August 26th, 2009


Literally "I have found it"!

Most of it anyway.  Two years ago I found episode 27 of a North Korean animation on Youtube - and the person who posted it never produced any of the other episodes.  I absolutely love it, and two years later, someone actually found the first 25 episodes!

Still missing #26, and everything that came after #27, but its still 25 times as much as we previously had!

Only the first episode is dated, 1977.  I had no idea it was that old, and you can see significant improvement from episode 1 to the ones near the other end of the production run.  I don't have an actual clue but I'm guessing this series was produced very slowly over a long period of time, as the first stuff looks like WW2 Russian animation (when and where the artists probably learned the trade) and the last stuff almost looks like the Disney channel. changes the rules

I read somewhere recently that the Iphone was blocking the google voice app went silent, and in researching why I discovered that was no longer directing email to it..  Iit is no longer possible to configure your email servers independently of the web servers unless hosts the domain on thier own system.

Of course, no advance warning of this - they just started bouncing email.
Fountain Pen 1

Now I find out....

Higgins "Black Magic" ink is apparently really good in dip pens.  It doesn't work in fountain pens - it clogs.  Aparently too thick.  I did have to fight with it to get it to go through the 19Ga needle on teh syringe, though it did go.

No damage done - I cleaned it all out, but this particular pen (no brand name on it) takes European standard cartridges that I can't get at Staples.  There were actually TWO of them in here, both empty, but I'm thinking a Waterman cart might work as apparently there is enough space in there.  I'll try that.
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