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Chemistry 51

92 0n the first test. Unfortunately I let my lab partner turn in *our* lab report and he didn't write down the answers we agreed on, and we only got an 80 on it. Won't work with that idiot again. I work with someone else now and I turn in the lab reports. At least now I work with an idiot who knows she is an idiot and just lets me do everything knowing she gets a free A out of it.

I don't have the results of the two labs and one test that have happened since, but I'm confident about them. I think I can pull Chemistry back up to an A. As much as that B irritates me, it's still a B, and not a disaster.

I'm getting an A in the AG lab, and a solid B in everything else. My GPA as it presently stands is a 3.05 but if I fix chemistry it will be back to a 3.33.

Which means I'm possibly good enough to handle vet school - but probably not good enough to get in.
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