December 19th, 2007


Remember "Smartbeep"?

Smartbeep. Those $1.99 a month pagers we all had about a decade ago (Ok some of you won't remember).

Nobody has pagers anymore because cell phones have gotten cheap. I didn't know HOW cheap until I was about to send martes off on a trip without one, and decided to take a closer look at the Ralphs Grocery phones.

Yup, cell phone service from a grocery store. It was even on sale and only cost $20

Its an phone. Quarter a minute prime time, dime a minute off peak, dime for an outgoing SMS message.

Thats it. NO charge to have it on, active and available to take incoming calls. If you are not a common cell phone user (I am not) and merely have one in case of emergencies, and essentially AS a pager (I get incoming SMS messages from work, but THOSE are free on this thing!), this is ideal.

All I have to do to keep it active is add at least $20 of air time once every 3 months. I doubt she will use that much.

I am debating shutting off my blackberry and getting one of these for myself instead. This explains why little kids in school all have cell phones now.
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