October 18th, 2007

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Charlie has been constipated for at least two full days, and last night was unable to pass any solid stool. He went in to the doctor this morning.

It is suspected he has a lingering kidney infection left over from when he had the tooth abscess. This led to dehydration, which then led to constipation.

he has elevated BUN/Creatinine levels, partly due to loss of kidney function, partly due to dehydration. He is on fluids to correct the dehydration and antibiotics to deal with the infection. By this time tomorrow we will know what can be corrected and what is chronic kidney damage.
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Theme Music

Sci Fi channel some months back ran 8 of the 12 episodes of Kingdom Hospital. Not sure why they didn't run all 12 of them.....

At any rate they sat on my TiVo for months before I finally watched them.

Not much to say about the show itself, but the theme music to it was really fascinating. I finally manmaged to find it and discovered that it was apparently also used as the theme music for the 4400, a show I have never seen and know nothing about. So I'll TiVo that to see what its about.
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